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Technicolor lashes

Ready to have more fun in a swipe? Enter spring’s bold, bright, color-drenched mascara trend. Wear alone as a subtle hint of tint. Or go full on monochrome with matching shadow, blush and lip color. Let’s play!

But first, primer

Just a couple swipes of a nourishing primer will enhance, lift, separate and thicken lashes—plus the white formula makes colored mascara super vibrant.

ocean eyes

Why you'll love it

A joyful reminder that summer is coming. Aquatic brights, like electric blue, teal and green, are vibrant, wearable and add instant mermaid vibes.

Try this

For a low-key approach, apply just to lower lashes. Or, dive in with several coats on upper and lower lids. Sea-inspired shades work with all eye colors—but make brown eyes really sparkle.

candy crush

Why you'll love it

Whimsical, sweet and unexpected! Pink, magenta and violet were made for festival season—bringing a burst of joy and fantasy to your look.

Try this

Get matchy! Coordinate your mascara with a blush in a similar shade. For next-level impact, sync up your nails too. Green-eyed? Try a bold violet. (The contrast intensifies, like magic.)

the icons

Why you'll love it

Black and brown are go-tos for a reason. Use to create definition on top and swipe color on the bottom. Or go classic and enjoy longer, fuller, lusher lashes.

Try this

Subtle brown mascara is a no-makeup makeup essential. Want to turn up the drama? Reach for black formulas. Or try applying black mascara on top lashes and layering your fave bright color just at the roots to make eyes really pop.

Pro tip

Hate smudging and flaking? Try tubing mascara. It creates tiny “tubes” around each lash. They’re water-resistant and easy to remove.

2024 Makeup Trends to Know: Colored Mascara

Colored mascara has returned to makeup & beauty trends in 2024. The trend is being driven by a renewed interest in vibrant and expressive makeup choices, reminiscent of makeup styles from the seventies and eighties. This time around, it’s about experimenting with color to enhance natural eye color and create dynamic contrasts, using shades of vibrant blue, purple and green. Brands like Maybelline, ColourPop & L’Oréal are leading the charge with a range of mascara that promise to lift lashes and add playfulness to any look.

For example, using a specific shade of mascara can accentuate the natural beauty of different eye colors. Green eyes might pop with purple mascara, while deep blues can enhance blue eyes. Brown and hazel eyes have a versatile options ranging from earthy tones to bold purple and greens. This renewed interest in colored mascara fits within a broader trend of radiant complexions and minimal yet bold makeup approaches seen this year reflecting a general desire for fun and customization in beauty routines.