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Black-owned and founded brands

Discover the ingredients, the efficacy and the artistry.


Featuring a broad and intentional shade range, WYN BEAUTY products are made for motion, with clean, high-performing, ultra-hydrating ingredients that wear beautifully all day.

Behind the brains

Founder and athlete Serena Williams' strength has always been coupled with self-expression through beauty. She believes in the beauty of showing up as your best self, so WYN BEAUTY products are made for life, not just a photo finish.


Better World Fragrance House hopes to transform your world, environment, or immediate surroundings through scent. The ability to curate familiarity and comfort with fragrance is the essence of where it all started.

The brains behind it

Drake's relationship to scent is deeply personal and BWFH brings his vision to life with five unique candles, each inspired by a personal memory and place.

Pound Cake

An innovation-first cosmetics brand, Pound Cake is creating a new standard for inclusivity. Rejecting the idea of “universal” or “one-size-fits-all” shades, they believe everyone deserves a lipstick specifically tailored for their unique skin and lip tone.

The brains behind it

Camille Bell and Johnny Velazquez set out on a journey to solve the age-old problem of colors looking different on different skin tone. After four years of product development, 40+ revisions and a spot on TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions List later, they made their dream a reality.


Master your curls in 21 days with CurlMix’s revolutionary Wash and Go four-step system. Featuring high quality clean ingredients like 100% organic flaxseed gel, their approach leaves you with moisturized and defined curls, kinks and coils that last.

The brains behind it

Co-founder Kim Lewis started CurlMix with her husband Tim in 2015 after making her own hair care products for years. Since perfecting the brand’s famed Flaxseed Gel and Wash and Go system, CurlMix has helped thousands of women embrace their curls.


Bevel is the first and only head-to-toe grooming brand that prioritizes the needs of Black men and people of color, customized with the best ingredients for shaving, skin and textured hair needs. Every product from start to finish is designed with curly, coarse hair in mind.

The brains behind it

Founder Tristan Walker saw a gap in the market—no one was making products specifically for Black men and their unique hair and skin needs. Thus, Bevel was born, creating first-class grooming solutions.

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Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is a legend in the beauty space. For over 25 years, her work has defined fashion and editorial artistry—shaping the trends of the future. She brings that same expert vision to her eponymous line.